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Two Online Casino Groups Fight over One Poker Player

The online casino group, Mansion Poker, announced last week that they will feature the popular poker star Phil Ivey on their Mansion Poker Superstar Challenge, but Full Tilt Poker has other thoughts. The competition in the online casino business is a fierce one, and it seems that we are about the witness another clash between two online casino companies.

“On June 9, 2006, Mansion Poker issued an inaccurate press release regarding their upcoming Mansion Superstar Challenge. The release stated that Team Full Tilt member, Phil Ivey is confirmed to participate in a series of elimination tournaments. This is untrue,” said representatives for Tilt Poker. The online casino group doesn’t want it’s popular poker star to help another online casino group to promote their business. As of yet, Mansion Poker did not respond, but we will sure hear what the online casino group has to say very shortly.

Online casino groups are fighting over players all the time, and all sorts of different promotions are launched. Poker is the most popular game at the online casino industry and the fight over poker fans’ attention is the hardest. Brining in a famous poker player will benefit the online casino group significantly and that’s why both operators are fighting over this online casinos promotion.

OCA News Editor