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Online Casino Industry Welcomes New Poker Radio Initiative

The online casino industry keeps expending beyond the limits of cyberspace, and with poker TV shows taking place; it was only a matter of time before the online casino industry produces live poker radio. Bluff Media, publishers of the gambling oriented Bluff Magazine, announced that they got final approval to produce live radio broadcasts from this year’s World Series of Poker tournament. It seems that the online casino industry is not the only one looking to benefit from the great poker event.

World Series of Poker is the biggest event for the poker community, and the online casino industry responds appropriately. Each year all online casino sites offer great promotions for the event and online poker frenzy immerges. Now we see that other forms of media also like to benefit off this great gambling event with live radio fees from the tournament will be broadcast to online casino fans and gambling fans all around.

The gambling industry and online casino industry in particular, are constantly reinventing the wheel. Different media platforms are used in order to attract more players to online casino venues as well as land based ones, and now radio waves are harnessed for the assignment. If you are an online casino fan that did not manage to get into the big and luxuries tournament, you will now have a chance to follow it on your radio.

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