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Online Casino Software Provider Closes New Deals

The online casino software provider, Boss Media, had a pretty busy week with Bashedger and The BetArena, two Cyprus-based online casino operators, signing with the company. Boss Media provides high quality online gambling games for online casino sites and many of the major online gambling venues license their software.

Boss Media is working a network on online casino sites that all use their licensed software, and more operators join all the time. The online casino software provider made its presence known in the online casino industry with more than 10 companies joining the Boss Media network since the beginning of the year. Johan Berg, president and chief executive of Boss Media, said: “Succeeding with linking 10 new operators to our network in the first months of the year demonstrates that Boss Media has a highly competitive poker offering.”

The online casino software provider is also exploring new industries with a new deal it closed. Boss Media singed a contract with Zest, an Italian company that deals with domestic gaming cabinets. The online casino software provider wants more people to play using their software, and the online casino market is not the only option. People who play Boss Media’s software on land-based gaming machines will probably choose online gambling sites that feature the same software when they turn to online gambling and that is exactly what Boss Media is looking for.

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