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Online Casino Software Provider Moves to Mobile Market

After closing their deal with Eidos, the online software provider Microgaming isn’t wasting time. Spin3, the mobile provider for the online casinos software company, will bring Lara Croft to the mobile gambling industry. Microgaming has been using the Lara Croft brand in some of its online casino games, and now we will see Lara Croft appearing on mobile gambling games as well. Many people who are gambling at online sites do so because they enjoy the fact that the online casino is always there and always open. These people would also like to gamble on the road.

Using known and loved brands as themes for online gambling games proved to be very successful with online casino sites featuring themed games such as X-Men slots, World Cup slots and many other variations. The online casino industry is driving the mobile gaming industry forward and now the online casino software provider, Microgaming, joins the mobile market.

Matti Zinder, chief executive of Spin3 says, “Tomb Raider, and its heroine Lara Croft are iconic gaming brands and Spin3 is proud to be launching Tomb Raider Video Slot into the mobile market.” The online casino software provider is very confident about their video game icon, and if the mobile audience accepts Tomb Raider the same way the online casino audience – we will surely see more online casino games migrate into the mobile realm.

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