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Online Casino Software Provider Re-License Gaming Brands

The online casino software provider, Microgaming, has re-licensed the popular Lara Croft brand and adds a new popular gaming brand to its portfolio – Hitman. Microgaming was the first online casino software provider to license a popular gaming brand and use it to promote its online casino software. Lara Croft was used in one of the most popular slots machine games at online casino sites, and Microgaming has the same plans for its recently acquired Hitman brand.

Microgaming has signed a deal with Eidos Interactive, to keep using their popular Lard Croft brand in future online casino games. Microgaming is taking a different business approach and brings successful brands from different industries into the online casino industry. Instead of relying only on their online casino brands, Microgaming uses brands that already have a significant among of followers and translates that success into online gambling popularity.

Online casino players are looking for games that feature topics that interests them, and we see many new themed online casino games coming out. With World Cup slots and games such as Tequila Poker enjoying growing popularity, Microgaming’s approach is the right one. The Hitman brand and the game’s main character Agent 47 will also be integrated into the online casino software providers line of gambling games, and we will soon see new games from Microgaming that feature the Hitman brand.

OCA News Editor