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Online Casino Bingo Group Appoints New VP of Product Marketing

The leading supplier of online casino bingo games and online gambling bingo systems, GameTech, has announced this week that John McCafferty is the Vice-President of Product Marketing. Online bingo is becoming the new craze of the online casino industry, and GameTech has its hands full. The online gambling community is taking an interest in online casino bingo and GameTech must play its cards right.

The new appointment became effective on Monday the 22nd. GameTech brings McCafferty who is known for his gaming background with more than 10 years of senior level business and gaming experience. McCafferty has previously assisted the online casino bingo company as a consultant, and was very helpful in the creation of the Compliance and Governmental Affairs department over at the online casino bingo company. This experience has led GameTech to decide on appointing him for a fixed position at the online casino firm.

Jay Meilstrup, President and CEO of the online casino group, made the announcement and said, “We are pleased to welcome John to our executive staff. His prior experience with GameTech and his years of management experience, particularly in the gaming industry, will be invaluable as we move forward and expand our markets and business.” GameTech is clearly preparing for the online casino bingo craze. Online bingo is growing in popularity and this is GameTech’s chance to get a large share of the online gambling market.

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