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Two Step Down from Online Casino Board

Online casino firm Party Gaming – arguably the world’s most successful gaming firm – has just lost two members of its board of directors. Vikrant Bhargava, the marketing director who owns eight percent of the online casino firm’s shares, will leave the company at the end of the year, while Anurag Dikshit, who owns 30 percent of the online casino firm in shares, is leaving the board but will remain at Party Gaming to conduct research into new gaming ventures.

A spokesman for the online casino firm has insisted that the move should not alarm investors in the UK’s largest online gambling site. Dikshit has revealed that since the firm’s successful floatation last year, he has been seeking new challenges. Both men are prohibited from selling shares in the online casino firm until the end of June unless they notify broker Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein. At the time of the floatation, Bhargava sold over one hundred million pounds worth of shares in the online casino firm, while Dikshit pocketed 432 million pounds.

The news of the two men’s departure from the online casino firm’s board is the latest staff change in a series of ongoing developments. Mitch Garber recently joined as Party Gaming’s chief executive, replacing Richard Segal, the online casino firm’s co-founder. Segal resigned earlier this year after declining to relocate to the firm’s headquarters in Gibralter.

OCA News Editor