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More Personnel Changes at Online Casino Group

A lot is happening at the online casino company Sportingbet. The online casino firm is reporting great quarterly revenues this week, and a few changes in personnel. Sportingbet’s finance chief, Andrew McIver, will become the company’s Group Chief Executive starting this October, and current top man Nigel Payne is moving to an executive director position. Sportingbet is not the only online casino operator that changes key positions inside the company. There are other major online gambling firms that announced future changes in their personnel.

There is a growing change at the online casino industry and many companies are rearranging for future challenges. Payne will supervise lobbying for industry regulation in the U.S. and Europe and will assist McIver in researching and executing business development. The online casino group will announce its results for the entire year on the same day the new appointments will take place, that way its new online casino business approach will be ready for the new year.

With legal pressure increasing and the online casino industry is exploring new markets, we see that the online casino groups prefer to reposition their executives inside the company instead of brining help from the outside. The online casino industry is highly dynamic and people from different departments are needed to help other fields to develop.

OCA News Editor