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Gasoline Advertisement Campaign from Online Casino Firm

Online casino promotions keeps surprising the public. It seems that online gambling companies are not running of ideas, with new crazy promotion issued every few weeks. Last time we heard about a crazy online casino promotion campaign it was when Bodog, one of the most successful online betting sites, has decided to take it’s online casino brand to the skies and worked on a sponsorship deal with a Las Vegas airliner. That campaign did not materialize but Poker Share’s crazy gasoline promotion did!

Poker Share is an online gambling company that takes an innovating approach. The online casino group gives players shares in the company as part of their winnings on the online casino. Poker Share has decided to promote it’s Casino Share online casino site and launched a crazy campaign creating the longest gas line in New York this decade, spanning over then blocs and backing up the Brooklyn Bridge.

The online casino group gave $40 worth of gasoline for everyone who drove into the Westside Highway Mobil station at the corner of Canal St. & West Side. Casino Share’s online casino campaign ended up giving a total of $8,000 worth of gasoline. This great online casino promotion was considered a rocking success with many people exposed to the online brand and to online gambling. Advertising campaigns that do not speak of online gambling, but rather just use a gambling brand are very effective. People get familiarized with the company’s brand and when they’ll decided they want to try online gambling they will know who to look for.

OCA News Editor