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Party Gaming Says Goodbye to Two Top Executives

The online casino firm, Party Gaming, has surprisingly announced that several of its top executives are stepping down to pursue other interests. Anurag Dikshit, the online casino group’s operations director and technology guru, is scheduled to resign from the board of directors in order to head a research and special projects platform. Dikshit is considered to be the online casino group’s top inventor, and people over at Party Gaming are saying that he simple doesn’t stop from coming up with new things.

The online casino group’s marketing director, Vikrant Bhargava, is also steeping down from Party Gaming’s board of directors and will pursue other interests that were not specified. The online casino group is now looking for people to replace the two executives, and is considering several nominees from within and outside the company. The online casino group thinks very highly of Bhargava and will possibly keep him as an off-staff consultant in online gambling matters.

Anurag Dikshit and Vikrant Bhargava together control more than 39 percent of the online casino group. They have made more than GBP 500 million combined when the online casino company listed on the London Stock Exchange last year. It is expected that both executives will remain in the online casino industry, and we will probably hear about their new positions very soon.

OCA News Editor