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Major Online Casino Firms Sign With Anti-Fraud Software Provider

The biggest problem of the online casino industry has to do with trust. Players must trust the online gambling sites in order to spend money, and making sure players understand that it is safe to gamble online is not an easy task. The online casino giant Bodog and the Excapsa online casino group both signed an agreement with Ethoca Limited hoping to resolve the matter. Ethoca Limited offers unique software that helps preventing fraud at ‘customer-not-present environments’.

Ethoca Limited’s software is integrated into the online casino software and protects players from online fraud. Ethoca’s software is considered highly innovative and very few online casino sites feature it. Bodog and Excapsa are the first major online casino operators to take interest in this new anti-fraud software, and now players will know that playing at these operators’ sites is safe. Ethoca Limited works with many other industries in providing safe and secure online payment, it is encouraging to see that the online gambling community is also tackling online security and anti-fraud.

Offering safe online gambling will raise the number of players at these two online casino groups’ sites. Online casino players are always looking for a safe place to gamble at. If you are looking for a secure online gambling experience, then look for sites that feature the new Ethoca Limited software. That way you can put your efforts into the actual online casino game, rather than worrying about safety.

OCA News Editor