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Swedish Online Casino Software Provider Makes Headway

The Swedish online poker software designer Designed Quality Entertainment has announced that two more online casino groups have decided to use their products. The Swedish company offers online casino software development for groups that are looking to offer online gambling services. The online casino groups license Designed Quality Entertainment’s software and uses it in there sites.

Every online casino site is licensing its gambling software form an online gambling software provider, and it seems that the Swedish provider is starting to show its presence in the online casinos software industry. The two new online casino groups that signed with Designed Quality Entertainment are Bizipoker 3D and the UK company, The 3D Poker. These two online casino groups are joining Vegas 007, Arctic Star Poker and Show Down Poker Online, which have already signed with the Swedish software provider.

Compared to the number of online casino groups, the number of online gambling software providers is very small. There are only a few software providers that cater for the entire online casino industry. Recently, we are starting to see new companies joining the gambling software industry and we will probably see even more in the upcoming future. Every online casino must have a gambling software provider in order to offer serious online gambling, and there’s not much competition.

OCA News Editor