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Big Online Casino Group Publishes Results

One of the biggest online casino groups has published its revenue results for 2006’s first quarter, January 1 up to March 31. 888’s revenue remains high and the company shows a 42 percent year-on-year growth, with net gambling earnings at $84 million in three months alone. The online casino group’s poker revenues have increased by 95 percent to a $39 million; casino revenues are at $45 million after a 15 percent rise.

The online casino group did not have an easy time during these past three months, but still shows great profits. 888 is being accused of misconduct by several online casino affiliates. The online casino affiliates claim that 888 uses unaccepted methods to promote its online casino sites; forum spamming for instance. Adding to that, 888, along with the rest of the online casino industry, suffers badly from the United States’ legal uncertainty regarding online casino sites.

888’s US revenues deliberately dropped from 90 percent to a lowdown of 55, and 888 is aiming to decrease its US revenues even more, while targeting the European market instead. 888 is one of the largest and most successful online casino operators in the world, and moving out its businesses from the US will greatly affect the online casino industry. Time will tell what will be the reaction of other online casino groups, and what will be the future of online gambling legislation in the States.

OCA News Editor