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Swedish Site Promises to Revolutionize Online Casino Industry

A new star emerges in the online casino skies. After long anticipation and comprehensive press coverage, the Swedish software developer, 3D Internet Games, has launched its UK online casino. 3D Internet Games’ debut was highly anticipated by the online casino community as the Swedish online casino software developer promises to revolutionize the world of online gambling. The new site will feature both online casinos games and online poker rooms.

The key feature of the new casino is its 3D environment. 3D Internet Games promises to the online casino audience a real 3D casino like experience. The new site focuses on player-experience and allows players to create and design their own virtual-selfs. Most online casino sites in the industry focus on bringing better and more enjoyable games, but this new comer focuses on player-experience rather than gaming-experience. This is a relatively new approach for online gambling, and we will have to wait and see how the online casino audience reacts.

The Swedish online casino tries to bring the world of 3D gaming into the online casino industry. If the online casino games it offers are of high quality, then it could become an incredible success in the online gambling industry. Once more player visit the site and try the different offerings, we will know if this new contender has what it takes, or is it just another publicity stunt.

OCA News Editor