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UK Online Casino Receives Company of the Year Award

After reviewing and covering the UK online casino gaming market for more than 10 months, Business Britain has awarded Celeb Poker with its “Online Gaming Company of the year 2005-2006” title. This online casino operator has come a long way since its debut back in 2004, and enjoy a massive amount of online traffic and a large number of registered players. Celeb Poker has a different business model and it offers players the chance to play online casino games against real celebrities.

Business Britain used several criteria to asset the online casino companies. Criteria such as ease of use of online casino site and game play, efficiency of payment transactions, help line and guidance for gambling issues, security and supervision of site, table and tournament options, prize money of tournaments based on value, customer support for online casino players and response time, graphics and artwork of site and players, poker community, appropriateness to business Britain’s readers, and company ethics.

Business Britain study shows that the UK online casino market has evolved tremendously in all aspects and that the competition between the online casino firms was highly beneficial for online casino players. A recent report shows that gambling fans appreciate online establishments that offer services of high quality and that 4 million UK individuals gamble at online casino sites each month.

OCA News Editor