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Online Casino Group Aims For IPO

The online casino industry is stirring with rumors regarding Gala Coral’s upcoming IPO, after the company’s chief executive, Niel Goulden, was quoted saying that a float by the company is “inevitable.” A few online casinos groups, mainly industry leaders, have already released their IPO and are currently being traded at the London Stock Exchange Market. Many online casino players regard publicly traded online casino groups to be more stable and trustworthy, and that’s a key reason for more companies to consider such a step.

According to Gala Coral’s chief executive, the company is scheduling for a GBP 5.5 million IPO in the next 18 months, probably in London. Recent online casinos group’s IPOs in London proved to be successful and London’s Stock Exchange Market has become the favorite place for the online casinos industry. Gala Coral intends to show profit growth in the upcoming months before its planned IPO.

This is a major business step for the online casinos group, and we’ll have to follow Gala Coral’s progress in upcoming months. It seems that business is good for the online casino group to consider an IPO, and that it probably stores a few more rabbits in its hat for us. Either way, the leading front of the online casino industry is becoming crowded, with more companies showing great revenues and taking major business steps.

OCA News Editor