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Online Casino Stops Cryptologic Licensing

The online casino “The Ritz Club” will stop using Cryptologic online casino software, as conformed by Cryptologic this week. The Ritz Club is an established UK online casino and it seems that its long journey with Cryptologic will come to end this October. The online casino software provider commented that the online casino accounts for less then 2 percent of its revenue and that it will not be affected by The Ritz Club’s decision.

Online casino players usually refer to their online gambling sites by their brand names, and they do not know that the real essence of online gambling does not lay with the online casino operators but with the gambling software providers. The heart of any online casino is the gambling software that it uses. There are hundreds of online casino sites working globally and they all license gambling software from one of the few software providers, such as Playtech, Cryptologic, Microgaming and other.

Cryptologic also reported its licensing agreement with Gaming Entertainment has been extended. Gaming Entertainment controls many successful online casino sites, such as Inter Casino and Inter Poker. The agreement will remain intact until 2012, which means Cryptologic has nothing to worry about. The online casino software provides are the most important players in the online casino industry and they will always find new sites that needs their services.

OCA News Editor