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Online Casino Industry to Benefit from Neteller Asia Move

The electronic money transfer service provider Neteller is one of the most popular forms of online payment at online casino sites. Many people prefer to use an e-wallet service rather than supplying an online casino with their credit card number of bank account details. For the last 5 years Arizona Bay has been the technology partner and advisor to Neteller and aided Neteller with its break into the Asian market. Neteller is aiming for a massive business penetration into Asia, and with Arizona Bay was working very hard for the past six month on helping Neteller achieve its goals.

With Neteller’s Asian debut more Asian players will consider playing at online casino sites, now that they have a safe and secure payment option.
There are many aspects to the online casino industry, and online casino groups are not the only business companies that benefit from this market. There are many services that the user need before he can enjoy his online casino experience. Internet service providers and payment service providers are also needed for a player to access the online casino sites, and with Neteller becoming stronger at the Asian market – the online casino sites will also benefit.

The online casino groups are looking at the Asian market as the next step for their expansion plans, and Neteller’s move into it will be greatly appreciated. The thing that attracts the most people to online casino sites is the ability to offer a secure gambling experience.

OCA News Editor