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UK Online Casino Industry Faces Saturation Point

A recent survey published in the UK indicates that the British online casino industry might be nearing its saturation point. The survey shows that only 3% of the British public have never used online casino sites before and wouldn’t mind doing so. The survey shows that the claim of Britain being a nation of gamblers is not accurate, and that the truth is that only a certain part of the population is a fan of gambling. The online casino industry will have to make some drastic changes in order to expand its businesses.

The forecast is not completely bleak. Currently 14 percent of the British public is already using online casino sites, and if the 3 percent mentioned join them, then the online casino industry will enjoy a 20 percent growth. Not bad at all, but not good enough. Land based gambling establishments are also expected to suffer in the near future. It seems that there are no more new people to offer gambling to.

Land based gambling companies are working together to build bigger and more luxuries facilities, and trying to combine the gambling experience with other leisure activities. The online casino industry can’t form larger online casino sites, but they are looking for other ways to improve revenues. Online casino sites will probably start pushing themselves into foreign markets as a result of the saturation stage ahead.

OCA News Editor