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Online Casino Plans for Flying Ads Cancelled

Bodog’s advertisement ambitions will not take place after all. The online casino sports book operator announced that recent plans for a Las Vegas air-campaign were cancelled. Allegiant Air, the online casino group’s partner, seems to have cold feet regarding cooperation with online gambling groups. Ponder Harrison, Allegiant Air’s manager, said that after learning the U.S. Justice Department views regarding online gambling he revised his decision and will not work with the online casino operator, Bodog.

The online casino firm was planning to launch a flying advertisement campaign over Las Vegas. Airplanes owned by Allegiant Air were to be painted with the online casino’s logo and to be sponsored by it. One flight was already completed and Bodog revealed that the sponsorship deal over it was for $500,000. With this recent news, it seems that the online casino operator’s dreams of flying advertisements will not grow wings.

Bodog was hoping to reach the gambling audience of Las Vegas with this innovating campaign. There are many gamblers who travel to Las Vegas by air and the online casino group hoped to get their attention. Bodog will have to think of a new way to market its online casino sports book, or look of a different partner.

OCA News Editor