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Online Casino Industry Shows Interest in Chinese Gambling Audience

The online casino industry has been looking into the Far East for sometime now. The Internet is spreading across China and the growing Chinese economy lures the online casino firms. Easy Bets, one of the online casino firms that has a Chinese background, has launched a new gambling game and offers the chance to play Baccarat online. The company hopes that their Chinese background will insure that Chinese audiences will show interest in the new game.

The online casino firm’s CEO, Jason Chan, said: “We designed Live Baccarat software based on the Asian mindset, understanding Asian gambling behavior is one of the most important elements.” There’s a huge business potential in the Chinese market and it looks like the online casino industry has realized it. Easy Bet is a six-month old company, but have already established working relations with the Victor Chandler online casino group and the Bet on Sports subsidiary.

The online casino groups realize they have to offer different products for the Chinese gambling audience, and launching Chinese-oriented games is a good start. Once Chinese internet users start using online casino sites more frequently we would probably see more common games being translated to Chinese. The European online casino industry should keep in mind that when the Chinese people discover online gambling, Chinese business company will always show interest.

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