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Online Casino Convention Scheduled for September

Online casino firms have realized the huge potential that lays in business cooperation. Most of the online casino industry runs on affiliate sites that are all controlled by several huge gambling groups. The bigger the online casino is – the bigger the prizes are, and more players register. The gambling industry is a money driven industry and players are playing where the big money is. To keep everything in order and in order to inspect new business opportunities the Annual Casino Affiliate Convention will be held for the forth time.

The online casino convention will be held on September 14 and 15 at the Las Vegas Stardust Resort and Casino. The gambling city of Vegas is the natural place to hold an online casino summit, and the online casino industry is looking forward to the event. This very important event for the gambling industry will feature online casino issues, sports book related issues and pretty much anything related to gambling.

The online casino firms will show their revenue reports during the convention and affiliate terms will be discussed. There’s still time until September but we will probably hear much more about the upcoming convention. There were many new business partnerships, sponsorship deals, and advertisement campaigns during the year and the online casino firms has a lot to discuss in the upcoming summit.

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