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Online Casino Bingo Starting to Show Numbers

While other online casino firms publish their 2006 first-quarter results, Bingo Com, of the largest online casino bingo operators, made its 2005 fourth quarter and year-end results public. From the looks of it Bingo Com, and the bingo community in general, had a pretty good year; With an increase of 71 percent to revenue resulting in $1,981,061 income at the end of last year, and Bingo Com’s fourth-quarter alone showing a 41 percent increase! Bingo is becoming a force to reckon with in the online casino industry.

Bingo Com is not the only bingo online casino operator that is doing well. Two major land-based UK bingo halls brought their businesses online, and the online casino bingo community is thriving. UK is known to be a Bingo loving nation, but with Bingo Com’s published results, it seems that the bingo frenzy took global scales.

What makes bingo so special is that a relatively large group of online casino players can play the game simultaneously. Playing with many other persons makes the gambling experience much more exciting, and closer to the real thing. Bingo is not wildly spread yet, but stills shows good numbers. With more online casino sites to feature bingo contests, revenues will climb even higher.

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