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Online Casino Firm Shows Exceptional First Quarter Results

Party Gaming, one of the largest and most successful online casino firms, proudly announced that its first 2006 quarter was an excellent one. The online casino group published a news statement reporting a 52 percent increase in sales compared to last year’s first quarter. Party Gaming’s revenue stood at $222 million last year, and now stands at $346 million. The online casino firm has its massive advertisement campaign to thank for this significant rise in revenue.

The number of registered online casino players rose by 23 percent, and Party Gaming attributes the growing number of players to its recent advertising and marketing campaigns. The online casino group ran a strategic European campaign, and the numbers show that 39 percent of new online casino players are from outside the United States. It appears as though whatever Party Gaming was doing, they did good doing it.

The fact that Party Gaming launched its online casino sites in 6 new foreign languages proved to be a great contribution to the recent rise in foreign players. Although the majority of online casino players comes form the United States, Party Gaming move towards Europe proves to be a smart one. As a result of the publication, the online casino firm’s stock jumped 4.7 percent, and now lists at 151 pence a share at the London Exchange Market.

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