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Online Casino Groups Fight over Poker Show

Quarrels over the online casino Poker TV show continues. Bodog, one of the most respectable online casino sports books operators, has announced lately that it will air a Poker tournament reality show on Fox Sports TV. The new show is schedule to air this week, but the premier is clouded by business rivalry. Blue Moon Entertainment is claming that the online casino group’s concept is a copycat of its own Poker reality show concept, and Bodog’s CEO, Calvin Ayre, fights back.

The online casino sports book chief said that the legal issues have passed them, as the Blue Moon claim lacks basis, but that Bodog is not considering the matter to be closed. The online casino aims to make an example out of Blue Moon’s claim, as Ayre said. Calvin Ayre elaborated and said that Bodog approached Blue Moon Entertainment a year ago with an offer regarding a Poker reality show, but nothing more than that.

The online casino Poker industry is a very profitable share of the gambling world, and it is not surprising to see business disputes over it. Bodog online casino will air its Poker show this week on Fox Sports TV after all, and we’ll have to wait and see how things turn out in the “real” reality Poker show, between these two groups.

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