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Online Casino Doesn’t Pay Up

An online casino player, who won more than $41,000 playing at an online casino, is chasing the gambling site’s management trying to get his money for over 2 years now. The player gambled extensively at the online casino site winning profoundly, but the online casino’s management failed to respect the agreements and did not pay the player his money. During the past 2 years, the player has been negotiating with the online casino resulting in little success.

After long negotiations, the online casino paid the player $12,000 out of the owed $41,000. The online casino has broken every agreement with the player, and did not even respect a settlement sponsored by Neteller. The player was ready to give up, but a post on the online casino’s message board started a new chapter in the saga. The poster said that the online casino is “starting fresh” and the site has paid players all the money it owed them, reassuring players that the gambling site is a safe place to gamble at.

The player contacted the online casino trying to collect his debt once again, but as soon as he asked for a written statement regarding payment, the online casino started to make excuses and did not pay. The online casino is a Playtech software based gambling site. From the looks of it, the player will not receive his money until someone presses the online casino to pay up. With Playtech’s popularity and growing respect, maybe the software provider will take a stand in favor of the unfortunate player.

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