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Two Online Casino CEOs to Race for Charity

Two major online casino firms are going to clash head to head in this year’s upcoming Global Interactive Gaming Summit and Expo to take place mid-May. Online casino firms are usually fighting each other for market share, but this time they are joining forces for a good cause. Party Gaming’s CEO, Mitch Garber, is going to race Empire Online’s CEO, Noam Lanir, in a 24-foot ski race to raise funds for charity. The two online casino’s community leaders will race head to head, and offer players the chance to bet on the winner.

Party Gaming and Empire Online are two of the largest gambling networks in the world. Millions of people gamble online using the firms’ online casino sites. Making the CEO ski race wager available on those sites will attract many people. It is nice to see that the online casino leaders are using their power for a good cause. People will place bets through the sites, and the money will be donated to charity. Looking at these sites’ success it seems that huge sums of money will be raised.

The Global Interactive Gaming Summit and Expo is a serious business summit that brings all the key players of the online gaming community together. Garber and Lanir have chosen great timing for their race, as most of the online casino community’s attention focuses on the summit.

OCA News Editor