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Online Casino Closes Sponsorship Deal

It seems that Manchester United will not feature an online casino’s brand on its shirts after all, but news comes from a different British football club this week. The Aston Villa FC has reached an agreement with the online casino, 32Red, making the gambling site Aston Villa’s official sponsor. 32Red will pay the Aston Villa FC club an undisclosed six-numbers figure for each sponsorship season. The online casino will be the football team’s sponsor for the 2006-07 season as well as for the 2007-08 season.

The 32Red online casino is also operating online sports books, and the new deal with Aston Villa will help advertise the site among sports fans. The online casino’s logo will feature on every Aston Villa game, and sports fans will get used to seeing it. This kind of familiarization with the brand is exactly what an online casino needs in order to boost revenues. Ed Ware, the online casino’s CEO, said that by sponsoring a football team the site also receives television and press coverage.

The sponsorship deal will be executed starting this year’s 2006-07 season, and players should expect all sorts of new promotions from 32Red online casino. Having one of Britain’s best football teams under the online casino’s brand name will work miracles on the sports book site, and will increase the number of players attending it.

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