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New CEO for Online Casino Network

The leading online casino firm Game Account, has announced the replacement of their CEO. Kevin Dale will take the place of John Jones effective immediately. Game Account operates online sports books, online casino sites, and other gambling venues. The Game Account online casino network is one of the busiest online gambling networks. Dale has more than 6 years of online casino gaming experience, and has been working with Game Account as a non-executive director for a while. Dale is also responsible for two of the gambling industry’s greatest successes; the Sporting Bet and Bet Fair online gambling sites.

Dale has followed the growing online casino market closely, and has focused on person-to-person gambling games. The online casino industry is making a shift in P2P’s direction, with more and more gamblers playing online casino games head to head. Offering P2P games also enables a company to sell licenses for other online casino sites, and by that making more money. Dale will be the right person to lead Game Account through this change.

Dale’s strategy is to focus on the P2P market, being a market that produces high revenues. Game Account has recently purchased partner licenses for two major online casino sites; Victor Chandler and Sky Bet. With Game Account’s growing hold over the online casino community, and the new CEO appointment, we might wideness change.

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