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Online Casino Moves into Land Based Casino Business

With the online casino market’s growing successes, it was only a matter of time before an online gambling company moves into the land based casino market. Gambling has gained huge popularity thanks to online casino sites and online gambling sites. The excitement and thrill of the game is available online for all, and many people, whom have never gambled before, had the chance to experience the game first handed. Many of the online casino fans, basically, are gambling fans, and moving into land-based casinos could be the right move for an online gambling company. A known online casino brand has an established customer base, and these customers will be more then happy to visit the site’s land casino.

Monkey Bet, one of the online casino market’s top players, is on its way to accomplish a move into the land based casinos market, and by doing so the online casino site will be the first-ever online gambling venue to open a real gambling resort. The online casino firm has finished negotiations concerning the location of the new casino, and the Monkey Bet casino is scheduled for an early 2008 opening at 4600 Paradise Road, Las Vegas.

The online casino firm has chosen a great spot for their coming attraction. Having the Hard Rock Casino and the Palm Hotel, both highly popular casinos, as neighbors will make the Las Vegas gambling audience familiar with the new casino in no time. The online casino has more then 100,000 registered players, and this number will grow significantly until 2008. Monkey Bet has high hopes regarding the coming casino, and with this new move, things are going to change in the online gambling community.

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