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Online Casino Firm Reports Rise in Revenues

Empire Online is one of the leaders in online gambling. The company’s two major online casino sites, Noble Poker and Club Dice, are highly popular and very successful. No wonder then, that Empire Online is very confident. The online casino firm reported this week a 61 percent rise in annual gaming revenues. Following the announcement, Empire Online restated that it has full confidence in achieving a profit of $37 million out of online casino activities this year.

Empire Online elaborated and published specific information about its online casino sites. The online casino firm reported that Noble Poker online casino gained an average of 450 new “real money” players during the first four days of March. Club Dice is also showing great successes with 29,585 registered players at the end of the fourth quarter of 2005, and net revenue of $79,946 per day during that same quarter.

Chief Executive Noam Lanir said that the online casino firm is focusing on expending the range of its online casino products. Empire Online wants to offer more for their customers. Lanir commented that they are currently looking into adding an online casino sport book to their portfolio. Empire Online’s share value is currently GBP 420 million. That fact combined with very promising revenue predictions will make it easy for Empire Online to find business partners, which will help fulfill its expansion plans.

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