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IGH Licenses Dynasty Gaming Mahjong for Online Casino

Dynasty Gaming Inc, an online gaming leader, has signed an agreement with London-based Interactive Gaming Holding. IGH is looking to bring online casino players a new game for them to bet on, and this new business relationship with Dynasty Gaming will do just that. Interactive Gaming Holding, as part of the business agreement, will pay Dynasty Gaming a license fee for their Mahjong Mania gaming software. IGH will incorporate the new acquired game into their online casino betting site, and will create a cash-wager online casino Mahjong game. Dynasty Gaming will also receive a share of the expected revenues.

Online casino players are usually people who are looking for exciting experiences and thrilling gambling adventures. Keeping an online casino up to date and current is very important. Interactive Gaming Holding has made a smart decision with their new business contract. Mahjong is not a game featured on many other online casino sites and can attract many new players. Interactive Gaming Holding was looking to keep its site fresh, and integrating a new kind of game is a great way to do so.

Once online casino players get used to an online casino, they will probably start looking for another site, which offers new deals and different games than the ones they are used to. Constantly refreshing the site’s features, and adding new games and styles is an effective tool against players’ migration.

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