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Online Casino Firm to Sponsor Poker TV Shows

The online casino industry is looking for new ways to make money. Online casino sites are enormous successes, and yet market leaders want new channels to reach the public. One of the industry’s leaders, the 888 firm, has found a new way to do so, and will sponsor two new TV poker shows. 888, the online casino firm, will sponsor two shows on the Challenge Television Network. 888 will be able to reach a new client base, and even reach out to people who never used the internet before.

The two sponsored shows will feature celebrity-oriented themes. “Women’s Poker” will target the women audience, after studies showing that a respectable percentage of online casino players are women. The show will include celebrity Poker fans, seasoned professionals, and even home players will be able to participate. The show will air on British TV in April, and will be sponsored by Pacific Poker, a division of the online casino firm. Another show will be called “Showbiz Poker” and will be a tournament style celebrity show. This show will also air on British TV, and will enjoy the sponsorship of the major online casino firm.

With this new approach the online casino companies can reach a new and partly unexplored audience. People will have a chance to familiarize themselves with the online casino firm, and most likely choose it as their gaming platform when they decide to gamble online. Moving Poker to television is a great marketing tool. In case 888’s move proves to be successful we might see more online casino firms move to the little screen.

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