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Online Casino Payment Method of Choice Doubles Profit

Neteller, one of the most favorable ways of online casino payment, has announced their annual numbers, and they are simply outstanding. The online casino payment company says that their annul profit has more then doubled, making people who invested in the publicly listed company very happy. Neteller is one of the biggest suppliers of money transfer services to online casino gamblers. Many players do not feel at ease using credit cards as their payment means on online casinos. Neteller enables customers to transfer money from their Neteller account to the gambling site, that way the site does not receive their credit cards’ information.

Neteller reports of a $97.8 million pretax profit. More then double the profit this money transfer provider made the year before. With a 108 percent increase to profits, Neteller is establishing their grip over the online money transfer industry, and it is likely to see more online casino sites to include Neteller as an acceptable payment method for players. Giving online casino players the option of a secure way to transfer money guarantees that players spend more money, and play more online casino games. If people are assured that their money is transferring safely, they will enjoy the online casino gambling experience even more.

A safe online casino experience is something all players desire. It is no surprise than that Neteller’s client base has reached the 2.5 million threshold at the beginning of the year. If you are looking for a safe online casino experience as well, then be sure to check the Neteller payment method for all your online money transfer needs. There are several other similar services, such as the PayPal money transfer service. Make sure your money is being transferred safely and securely, and leave all your worries to the online game itself.

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