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Earn United online casino affiliate expands client Portfolio

Bet Casino and Bet Holdem Poker room are now part of the Earn United online casino affiliate program, as part of a marketing deal signed with the internet gaming company, BetCrop Ltd. The Earn United online casino affiliate program is a company that promotes online casino sites through a network of affiliated web pages, and it has more than 3,000 affiliated partners. BetCrop’s CEO considers the deal to be a meaningful step towards their goals, regarding the success of their online casinos.

BetCrop is not the only one who benefits from the deal. Earn United online casino affiliate is now one of the largest online casino affiliate programs, with its newly associated online casino, Poker and sports clients. Earn United features different playing platforms ranging from Playtech’s real-time gambling to Microgaming’s Prima Poker. This great diversity makes Earn United a key player in the online casino affiliate industry, and will make them a favorable partner in the eyes of many other online casinos.

Usually the gaming patent company has its own online casino affiliate program to promote their online casino sites, but Earn United is a third party company that only deals with online casino promotion. Earn United profit has a direct connection to their clients’ success, and that is probably why they are on of the preferred online casino affiliate programs. Bet Casino and Bet Holdem Poker are two names you’ll encounter more and more, as Earn United puts their affiliates to the job. The sites will receive greater online traffic, and we will probably hear of new deals and promotions coming our way.

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