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Poker Syndicate Buys Imperial Poker Online Casino

Poker Syndicate, owned and operated by IGV Limited, announced the purchase of the online casino Imperial Poker, and that it will incorporate it as part of their online casino site. The Imperial Poker site is one of the most popular online casinos on the internet, and now it will be re-branded to become a Poker Syndicate site. Online casino players, who use the Imperial Poker site frequently, should be really happy with this acquisition. Poker Syndicate values its players very much, and Imperial Poker players are now officially Poker Syndicate players.

Poker Syndicate is an online casino created with the benefit of players in mind. People at IGV Limited, owners of the online casino, feel that many online casino sites are taking advantage of the player, and aim to change that. Gambling sites make their profit by charging entrance fees for tournaments, or by taking percentage of money invested in the tournaments. Poker Syndicate lets the player enjoy some of the profits himself. 50% of the total sum invested by the player in the site will be given back to him in stocks. The more the player invests playing – the more he will own!

This great new approach for online casino gambling will attract many of the online players. This new acquisition by Poker Syndicate is a great move forward. IGV Limited will offer Imperial Poker’s great online casino to players, while using their 50-percent-back promotion on all of the site’s features. If you haven’t tried Imperial Poker before, go ahead and try it now. You can only loose half your cash!

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