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Hard Rock Online Casino Advances to Playtech

Playtech, one of the world’s most successful online casino software providers, added a new client to its portfolio. Hard Rock casino has finished it’s migration to Playtech’s software this week, and will issued a new site containing a huge bundle of features and surprises. Hard Rock casino is a well established online casino from the Hard Rock Caf? entertainment company. The new site, based on Playtech’s next-generation online casino software, will offer 85 online gambling games, and will integrate some of the most interesting live online casino games in the industry. The new business collaboration between the two companies will bring great changes and exciting options for all of us, online casino players.

Hard Rock online casino switched to Playtech’s Next-Generation software for its highly acclaimed progressive features. The online casino will have increased operator control over gaming content, and will give a more complete and easy gaming experience for its online casino players. Integrated web presentation within the gaming environment and embedded real-time ticker display, are only a part of Playtech’s software capabilities, which will now become a part of the online casino.

Changing online casino software doesn’t complete Hard Rock’s business move. The online casino also joined the Win-A-Jackpot Network, a portal created to enlarge the attention surrounding Playtech’s progressive online casino software. This final stage makes Hard Rock Casino a serious and firmly settled gambling site. We can see that the Hard Rock Caf? level of excellence has a good influence on the site.

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