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New Patent Holds New Possibilities for Online Casino Sites

Placing bets online using online casino sites is the preferable way of doing things in the world of online gaming. It seems that an alternative for today’s online casino sites might be available sooner then we though. Mel Molnik, CEO of Home Gambling Network announced that at the end of January his Patent for location-free betting placement system has got the approval of the European Patent Office. Molnik’s patent offers a new way of utilizing electronic transactions, so people who are using online casinos sites fort he sole purpose of placing an electronic transaction for a major event might find Molnik’s way to be superior.

Home Gambling Network’s CEO developed his patent in 1999, but only this January got the approval of the European Patent Office. The new technology enables a person to place an electronic transaction using his computer, through designated online casino sites, just like most people are doing today, but it also allow the user to use his or hers cable TV for the same purpose. Molnik’s patent will accept transactions made by wireless devices as well and will in fact broaden the meaning of the concept “online casino”.

The new electronic transactions system is designated for all Live Games usage which includes online casino games, Poker, Bingo, sports betting, lotteries and such. The patent can very well be integrated within the online casino site for maximum exposure and give gambling fans a more satisfying and complete experience. The Patent is ideal for any business looking for a way to offer its customers the ability for a location-free electronic transaction. A service much regarded in the online casino industry.

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