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Online Casino Investors Puts Money into Poker

The online casino market is an ever-growing one. According to a Newsweek article there is a constant increase of investors looking to invest their money into online gambling, mainly online Poker. In the world today there are 1.8 million people gambling online and playing poker in online casino houses, and 70 percent are from the United States alone. Adding the fact that Poker is the 3rd most watched sports on cable-TV and there is no wonder big investors are looking for ways to invest their money in online casino houses featuring online Poker.

Figures from Christiansen Capital Advisors research firm indicates that revenues from online casino houses featuring Poker have gone from $8.2 million in 2001 to about $2.4 billion today. These numbers emphasize the potential online casino houses featuring Poker has and why it is valued by investors. Although the large part of online gambling and most online casino players around the world comes from the US, online Poker is off limits to American investor as it’s technically illegal in the US.

The company Party Gaming IPO is an excellent example for the reason online Poker have become a main attraction for investors who are looking to invest in online casino sites. The company has tripled its profit to $349 million in the last year and had virtually no debt. Online casino was always a good business to invest in and companies like Party Gaming shows that the market is still as fresh as it was a few years ago and there is still money to be made. With this growing interest investors have for online Poker and online casino sites we can expect new sits with better features and new offers for online gamblers.

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