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Strong Growth in Online Casino Industry

A new survey conducted by eMarketer and Harris Interactive has echoed the findings of similar studies on the online casino industry. According to the research firm, most internet users in the United Kingdom and the U.S. state they have never won or lost money at an online casino. 97 percent state they have never wagered on sports over the internet, and 94 percent have never indulged in a game of online casino poker.

Given that online casino revenues have been estimated at $10.9 billion dollars worldwide in 2005, the high statistic of those unfamiliar with the industry represents a large untapped market. In the United Kingdom alone, 94 percent of respondents have never played at an online casino and 91 percent have never gambled on sports. One of the major factors behind this reluctance to acknowledge online casino games is the legality issues surrounding the gaming industry in the U.S. While the United Kingdom’s government has recently implemented legislation to regulate casino gaming in the country, the U.S. retains a traditional anti-gambling stance.

The study also showed that most respondents are unsure where they personally stand on the legality issue. 32 percent advised they would oppose a government ban on online casino gaming, while 34 percent were in favor. Another 34 percent of those surveyed were undecided if they supported or opposed online casino gambling.

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