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Online Casino Chief’s Charitable Initiative

Online casino firms have come under criticism in the past for their lack of involvement with needy charities. While some online casino operators such as Slotland have run player campaigns to help fight poverty and hunger in Africa, many critics cite the lack of long-term charitable support as one of the industry’s major flaws. However one online casino chief has dispelled the myth that the gambling industry is indifferent to the plight of others by developing his own foundation dedicated to helping disadvantaged communities.

While the online casino head’s firm Bodog is one of the most successful and well known gaming firms in the world, Calvin Ayre is committed to extending the influence of his Foundation. The Foundation has recently launched its new revamped website and uses online casino revenue to raise money for numerous international projects. It focuses on making a difference in areas such as education, animal welfare, social development and the environment, and encourages other online casino firms to do the same.

Despite living the glamorous life of a millionaire, Bodog’s online casino boss is particularly vocal on a range of social issues. One of his key areas of interest is the importance of access to education. Ayre has spoken out in the past about the need to increase the value of education around the world, saying “Few things bring as much satisfaction as seeing the difference we make to children’s lives,” One of the online casino owner’s major projects concerns fund-raising from a range of sources for youth education.

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