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Financial Tips from an Online Casino

While many online casino sites encourage players to reinvest their winnings online again, one enterprising online casino is offering financial advice to encourage serious players to sign up. Now when casino fans at this online casino win, free advice is made available to them from First Finance, an independent financial institution based in Stanmore in the UK. Lucky winners who win more than 7,500 pounds sterling with the online casino will automatically be eligible for the free advice.

First Financial advisor James Caplan says that many online casino winners are too excited by their win to think about taking financial advice. However, Caplan says that finding an effective way to make the most of their win should be an online casino player’s first priority. The personal advice the finance company offers commences with a general discussion about concerns and aspirations. A complete financial review follows along with the formation of a financial plan the online casino winner can use for the future.

The partnership between First Financial and Inter Casino makes a strong attempt at helping winners hold onto their money. Since 2004 the online casino firm has paid out over two million pounds sterling in jackpots to online casino winners.

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