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Online Casino Mergers Continue

In the online casino business world nothing helps to increase business than merging with another high profile web-based casino. The acquisition of a rival online casino operator not only reduces the competition aspect of the business, but also combines both sites players. The most recent merger between online casino firms recently took place between Ongame and

Ongame, who run an online poker room, have over seven million players connected to the network. For gamblers this means better and bigger gaming options. Bet24.coms addition also allows Ongame players to start betting on a plethora of sporting events, all under one site. The mere fact that gambling fans don’t need to join an alternative online casino site to play the games they want is yet another reason why mergers work in this business.

CEO of Ongame, Patrik Selin stated that they are delighted to be able to further expand their poker network. Their overall aim is to create Europe’s largest online poker community. If their success continues this will definitely be a possibility. Holger Kristiansen, CEO of Nordic Betting Ltd., is equally enthused with the merger, the company is looking forward to working with Ongame in hopes of giving their players the best in online casino software, support and security.

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