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Nigel Payne Staying with Online Casino Group

Nigel Payne Staying with Online Casino Group

There are many heads flying, or at least moving, in the executive circles of the online casino industry at present. Rumors have been abound that CEO of Sporting Bet, Nigel Payne, was looking to quit his current position and seek other options. Despite these rumors, Payne has assured everyone that he is not leaving the online casino group and remains committed to the online casino group’s vision and platform.

The rumors started after Party Gaming online casino group’s chief, Richard Segal, announced his resignation this week. Payne seemed like a natural replacement to Segal, who will be leaving his position as CEO of the online casino group at the beginning of the summer. Sporting Bet online casino group’s shares were hit by the rumors of such a potential move, but Payne hurried to calm the panicked markets.

Executives which are experienced in the online casino industry are a big catch and as soon as one position in this industry becomes vacant, there is always a question of whether another person from within the online casino industry will fill the void, or someone from outside. Payne may have assured everyone that he is not leaving his online casino, but the question then remains who will fill Segal’s position. In true online casino fashion, the industry might even prepare propositions on who will fill the void.

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