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Online Casino Game Companies have a new Database

Financial investors who are looking to invest in the exciting world of online casino companies, but are not sure where to put their money, will be pleased to note that a new database has been launched especially for this purpose. Consulting firm, MECN, announced recently the launching of a database that holds the names of scores of online casino companies, gaming and gambling firms and potential investors in the online casino world.

Martin Oelbermann, partner at MECN, stated that the creation of the database came in response to MECN’s report entitled “Investing in the Gambling/Gaming Industry”. Due to the positive response from the online casino gambling world and the rest of the industry, MECN decided to extend its services in the form of a database to attract investors who wished to direct their finances to the online casino industry. MECN is positive that there are many investors out there who have the money to play with but have not been made aware of their options in the gambling and gaming industry.

The database is sure to give a push to the online casino companies in need of extra finance. Online casino companies are able to register on MECN’s database free of charge. The consulting firm will then deal with all the requests, from online casino firms and investors alike, and direct queries to the relevant parties.

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