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CEO Poker Considers Online Casinos Partnership

CEO Poker, which is the creator of the CEO poker event at The Palms in October this year, is reviewing different online casinos in order to assess whether they will have online casinos holding satellite poker events in the period leading up to the tournament in the autumn. CEO said that they were well aware of the power of online casinos and that satellite events would help CEO in attracting an even larger audience for the annual event.

The online casinos are being selected on one will be chosen in the coming weeks. The online casinos will be informed within six weeks and the selected casino will work with CEO to hold satellite events as a preview to the CEO poker championship. Participants of the online casinos tournaments will get a chance to win free seats to the main contest in The Palms, located in Las Vegas.

The contest attracts over 400 CEOs from the world of real estate, internet, Fortune 500 companies and the like who face up to each other over the poker table to ‘win some respect’ and gain the title as Chairman of Poker. Online casinos have never been included in this competition before but a spokesperson for CEO said that any online casinos who would be interested in participating in the contest need to contact CEO as soon as possible.

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