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Software Provider vs. Online Casino

When it comes to the online casino business there are two important factors for operators to take into account. The first one is to develop a site that has something for everyone, or at least focuses on one specific online casino game, such as the ever popular poker. The second issue has to do with software; specifically having online casino software that is easy to use and good to look at. In the business of online casinos, with watchdogs organizations and the like, supplying players with fair gaming software that is highly secure is highly necessary for a successful operation.

In November of 2005 Poker Share, an online casino poker room, split with software provider Excapsa Software Inc and its subsidiary, Game Theory Limited. The online casino seemed to disappear leaving nothing regarding when it will be back in business and what their players should do in the meantime. The dispute between Playit Ownit Limited, operators of PokerShare, and the software provider seemed to be rather heated.

However, last week the two firms stated that their dispute has come to an amicable end. In addition, Poker Share finally had something to say to its players, a new posting on their website stating that they will be up for business in March of this year. In the online casino industry it seems that there are quite a few battles on the road to becoming one of the best. It is thus not surprising to hear of companies who once worked along side each other fighting tooth and nail to make it to the next level of success.

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