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Stepping Stone to Asia’s Online Casinos Market

The fourth annual Pacific Congress on I-Gaming is gathering in Macau on 20-21st February at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Macau. This congress is considered to be a very important event in the online casinos and gaming industry not only because of its interesting line up of guest speakers and workshops on the online casinos and gaming industry, but also because of its physical choice of location. Online casinos, which have been seeking to enter the Asian market, are using this Congress as the opportunity.

Online casinos are a truly global industry; however, the wish to enter the Asian market has been highlighted recently after the success of online casinos and related companies all over the world. It is know that the Asian market is yet to be fully ‘conquered’ so the choice to locate the PCIG in Macau was not coincidental. The PCIG platform will be to show online casinos how to enter this market and serve it with key web and financial services.

Online casinos and other online casino related companies need to understand the Asian market before attempting to enter it. This conference, which focuses on the challenges and opportunities that face the online casinos industry in Asia, Australia and New Zealand, will be an essential source of information for the potential Asian investors.

OCA News Editor