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Global Gambling Boom Forecasted

A top Australian businessman, Paul Oneile, in a recent interview regarding the Australian economy in general and the global economy as a whole, has stated that he foresees a huge boom in the interactive gambling industry over the next five years. Oneile estimated that the global gambling market would experience compound growth of between 5-15% per annum over the next five years. The interactive gambling and online casino industry had a boom year in 2005 and it looks like this trend is set to continue.

Strong growths were predicted from gambling operators in North America, but this would also depend on legislation passed in the respective governments. Asia was also seen as a very solid potential market and he said was now the time for online casinos and gambling operators to enter the Asian market in order to realize its full market potential. The gambling industry in Russia is also expected to be regulated by the end of 2006 which could mean potential growth in that market too.

This economic boom which is expected in the online gambling industry is obviously great news for everyone involved in the industry – online casinos, online casino software providers, payment systems and online casino portals, to name a few. New operators are expected to pop up in the next year or two, as eager entrepreneurs will try and take advantage of this boom.

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