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Casino Money Flows to Washington

With more and more states in the US legalizing some form of casino gambling, it is reported that tons of money from the casino business is finding its way to the US capital. This money does not have innocent purpose – its main goal is to influence decisions made by the political figures on Capitol Hill in hopes to help increase casino businesses. The trend of using casino money to influence decisions has come under sharper fire since the disclosure of the former lobbyist Jack Abramoff.

Revenue generated by the casino industry has jumped to more than $78 billion. This revenue includes money from American Indian casino resorts and other gambling interests. More and more states have begun legalizing gambling at casinos. This, in turn, helps the keep the flow of money from businesses into Washington steady. This is of course done in order to directly impact decisions that affect the gambling and casino industry.

It is reported that federal campaign contributions from the gambling and casino industry sky-rocketed from $478,000 in 1990 to more than $13 million in 2004. The casino industry, that once strongly favored Democrats, has now developed split devotions to Democrats and Republicans. It is for this reason that many are pushing strongly for the bill to curb and restrict gambling in most forms, especially the online casino. Protestors to the phenomenon say it is ridiculous that money which is immoral and illegal should have any impact in the very place that is trying to outlaw it.

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